Monday, March 28, 2011


When she came to the earth with a wail,
they were  with her, shy and hesitant, barely evident. 
As she grew from a child to a woman, 
their camaraderie only became better.
They danced with her in her joy and
drowned her sorrows and misery.
They flashed in her anger and
flowed even when she deemed them unwanted.
They clouded her defeats  and
gleamed in her triumph.
And, at last, when she lay cold as a marble, they rested
on her cheek like  a lingering warm kiss of a loved one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer Time Traditions

Early this morning, feeling too warm, as I sleepily pushed away the blanket, I realized that the summer had arrived. The day time temperatures have been crossing the 30 degree mark and the Bangalorean in me has started protesting. To counter the depression that the summer heat brings in me, I started to think about all the good things summer had to offer in the past.

Most of the summers until I finished college were spent traveling. I remember we used to pack our bags as soon as the holidays set in and go to our grandparents’ place. My grandparents used to live with my aunt and since she worked in a bank, they changed location every few years. I have vivid memories of these places.

In Chitradurga, their house was near a temple. There was a huge tree in front of their house. During the day, it looked like the tree had large floppy leaves. In the night, these floppy leaves would turn into bats and create such a racket that would keep one awake all night. The house that my grandparents stayed had a quaint wooden staircase which would lead to an attic room. Sleeping there and listening to the bats move around in the moonlit nights must have brought many a shiver. But, my sister and I were adventurous souls then and quite enjoyed these nights.

The most exciting part of traveling to Dharmavaram was the journey itself. We used to leave early in the morning by train and reach by noon. The train used to have a steam engine and our faces and hair used to be speckled with bits of coal. The Comics and the continuous ‘spread’ that we got on the train in the form of ‘totapuri’ mango, bhel puri, masala vada and other snacks just made it perfect. Dharmavaram, being the lesser known sister of Kanjeevaram, we always came back with silk paavadai. At one time, am pretty sure my sister and I had a collection that could compete with Rekha’s Kanjeevaram collection!

The places changed, but a major part of our holidays were always at our grandparents’ house. And, invariably, we had to visit all the relatives around. The open drains, the unhygienic toilets, the sweltering heat, the endless swarm of mosquitoes and flies, traveling by those red buses… I had lots to complain about. But somehow we always ended up having a good time. My sister and I learnt to read Telugu, so that we could kill time during these holidays. And all the mindless masala entertainers we watched for less than 10 bucks. My sister would stand in the ladies queue, push and shove and procure the tickets. As for me, I disliked crowds and would stand afar with abject disapproval on my face. ‘Goli’ Soda and some greasy snack would complete the experience for my sister. The city girl that I was, I wouldn’t touch any of those (some things never change).

Other than these holidays, we as a family have traveled over most of South India. No matter what the mode of transport, I had to get the window seat. My argument was flawless – I deserved it. Luxurious, these trips were not (which was my constant complaint – by now, am sure you know that I grumpy grouchy child – one more pain that my parents had to deal with in addition to other travel woes), but, in hindsight, perhaps, this is where I caught the travel bug.

To talk about summer and not talk about the king of fruits is stupidity. Mangoes dominated our summers. We used to have them almost every day at my grandparents’ house. And when we used to visit our uncles and aunts in Hyderabad, it was a different experience altogether. Almost every house had a mango tree. So, we used to climb and pluck the mangoes ourselves. And if it is the mango season, just like the ‘avarekalu’ season in Bangalore, there, every dish had some form of mango in it. So, it was mango puree with chapattis, raw mango in the dal and the chutney and the best of all, the yummy “avakkai” pickle. Sigh, just writing this is making me want mangoes. Even now, my uncle sends at least a carton of mangoes every summer. When I am at home, a plate of sliced mangoes appears next to me at regular intervals. Love my parents for that! My sister, unlike me, hates slicing her mango or sharing her mango. It has to be eaten whole and in a messy way.

Not to forget the ‘totapuri’ mango, a staple during summer days. Bangalore summers are incomplete without the April showers. Walking down MG road (of course, in my memory, the road is much less crowded) after one of these drizzles eating the mango bhel is something which I love doing.

With the fan whirring above me, as I wipe the imaginary sweat that has formed on my brow, I look forward to the new summer tradition that has been set for the past few years. As we used to spend the holidays with our grandparents, my angels spend their holidays with their grandparents every summer. And that is something that my parents and I look forward to eagerly. My mother begins her preparations as early as winter, buying toys, knick knacks and other things for them. My sister and I share a special bond. The petty fights, the nightlong discussions, the gossip, the home improvement schemes, the travel – there are so many things that make her visits special. And what can I say about my angels – their endless prattle, exuberance and antics just make each day magical. All the chaos that they create evokes an inexplicable sense of peace in me. Oh, to be a child again…

Time to welcome the season and celebrate all the wonderful traditions that the summer brings with it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What can I say?

Well, what can I say? I have failed to keep the promise I made to myself... yet again. It's not that I don't have anything to write about. For instance, back in August, I wanted to chronicle my travel experiences in Ladakh. And more recently, I wanted to write about my experiences and interactions with the suburban life in Mumbai.

But... yes, the "but" is the culprit! But, whenever I try to collect my thoughts, my mind just plays this dirty trick on me and one of these trains of thoughts take over - (Blank), (Black), (Kaboom!), (How do I exchange the peanuts I get for the almonds I want?), (Blank), (Blank), (Aaaaargggghhh!!), (Black), (Black), (Documents, Spreadsheets, PPTs or whatever I am working on at the moment), (Aaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhh!!), (Black), (Blank), (Black), (Kaboom!)... well, you get the gist...

So, no promises this time... I am making sincere efforts to clear up the clutter in my mind; maybe this is just a phase and it shall pass, there is still hope for me... or so I think... (Blank)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Again

Barney recently commented that it's been more than a year since I have written anything on the blog; a sad but true fact. Although he mentioned a rather interesting reason for me not being prolific, the reason that I had given Shruthi when she had said that I should write more often - that "I am a constant contemplator, and a chronic procrastinator which makes me a casual writer" still holds true.

So rather than rue the fact that I have not written enough in the last one year,I will go ahead and list some of the milestones from my life during that time, which may have kept me busy...

1) Spent endless hours of working (paapi pet ka sawaal hai)
2) Learnt a new language (bonne journée, mes chers amis!)
3) Did a fair amount of traveling - Since last July, I have been to Coorg, Waynad, Skandagiri, Srilanka, Mumbai, Elephanta Caves, the beaches of Maharashtra (Dive Agar, Sriwardhan, Harihareshwar), Pondichery, Singapore, Agumbe, Bhadra Reservoir and last but not the least, Ladakh! (Woot! My life is indeed a "picnic" :))
4) Saw a tiger in the wild (yes! yes! yes! :))
5) Trekked in Ladakh (deserves a repeat and special mention)
6) Spent quality time with my angels
7) Made up with some old friends
8) Made some new friends and hopefully lasting friendships
9) Had a ball catching up with friends
10) Played matchmaker with some unexpected results :-/
11) Did some portfolios in the sun and some in the dark :)
12) Got some new possessions :)
13) Learning to live again...

Hmmm, no wonder I have not been able to find time to write. :) But to make amends, am back with a promise to myself that I will write at least two posts a month.

So, until next week or the next blog post, whichever comes first, au revoir and keep smiling!

Monday, August 17, 2009

P for? Plenty...Phew

Maanasi tagged me to do this post. She was already a master at lists, and all this tagging business is only helping her do a doctorate in that. Maybe you should consider that, Maanu!

The RULE is that all the questions have to be answered with the first letter of my name. Since I am a Gemini, I am doing it in twos. :-) :-)

1. What is your name: Passionate Poornima and Pretty Poorni (the full moon and the half moon)
2. A four Letter Word: Play/Purr
3. A boy’s Name: Purushottama Rama/ Prince Charming
4. A girl’s Name: Pativrata Sita/ Princess Consuella Banana-hammock
(Puttappa and Puttamma from Puttenahalli are a close third)
5. An occupation: Playwright/ Poet
6. A colour: Purple/Periwinkle
7. Something you wear: Pride/Pashmina
8. Food: Pongal/Puliyogare (can’t help – I am a total South Indian when it comes to food :-))
9. Something found in the bathroom: Perfume/Potty
10. A place: Paradise Island /Paris (since am learning French)
11. A reason for being late: Procrastination/Phantasy
2. Something you shout: Phuck/Phrigging
13. A movie title: Pather Panchali/ Pallavi Anu Pallavi
14. Something you drink: Pure water/ Pinot noir
15. A musical group: Philharmonic Orchestra/ Piano quartet
16. An animal: Panther/Puma (also happens to be one of my nicknames)
17. A street name: Park Avenue/ Palace Road
18. A type of car: Porsche / Prius
19. Something scary: Perverts and Psychos
20. Ice cream flavour: Praline cashew/Pistachio almond

I am wondering if I should tag anyone at all. Those who actually do something about the tags (Maanu, Shruthi, Megan ) have already been tagged. Okay, I will tag Kalpu and Pooja and Madduri for this one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Journey

Satchel of blood and mass
Bundle of innocence
Sprinkle of tears
Sparkle of laughter
Bushel of emotions
Shackle of expectations
Bubble of dreams
Foible of passions
Tangle of relations
Fuel of ambition
Shuffle of fortunes
Scuffle for glory
Scuttle to win
Bridle of scruples
Boodle of possessions
Struggle for sanity
Wobble of age
Rubble of cinder and ash
Shovel of dirt

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The oddball in me

Recently, Maanu, at the behest of her friend Shruthi, listed weird facts about herself on her blog. That got me thinking about the weird side of me. The outcome was something which would have given Sigmund Freud a field day at psychoanalysis. So, I present the bizarre me without further ado. I am not sure, how long this list will be, but I will try to keep it short with a disclaimer that this list is just a glimpse and is neither extensive nor exhaustive, and that there is more to me than meets the eye. I also vouch to the best of my knowledge that none of this is made up.

The Sneak Peek

1. The superstition - When I wake up, the first thing I do is to look at my hands. There is a shloka in Sanskrit, which says that God exists in our hands. The second thing I do is to look at myself in the mirror. This is so that I do not give credit to or curse someone else other than me if my day goes good or bad, especially the latter.
2. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde – People usually perceive me as chirpy, energetic and ever-smiling. At the other extreme, people also perceive me worried, lost and sad. So, which person have you met?
3. The Memento – With some things, my memory can be almost photographic. I can recall each and every detail accurately for years on end. While with other things (my college subjects belong to this category) I have a short term memory loss which seems to be incurable.
4. While you were sleeping – My most creative and wonderful thoughts come to me when I am half asleep; from the time my head hits the pillow to the time my sleep reaches the REM phase. I always have a book and pen handy to jot down these thoughts.
5. Shall we dance? – is not a question you will hear me asking. I have two left feet which are cemented to the ground. Although, I have been told that I do shake a leg when I down a couple of drinks, but then, I would not believe in hearsay.

The Spook Peek

6. In Gulliver’s shoes - For a long while now, whenever I close my eyes, even for a moment, I get this shrinking feeling, and I can see a dwarfed image of myself in a gigantic setting. Initially, it used to scare the hell out of me, but now, I have got used to it.
7. Multi-legged freaks - When I open my eyes after a sleeping spell, I see multicolored multi-legged creatures of varied sizes disappearing into the nooks of the roof.
8. Requiem for a dream – If I were to make a living selling my dreams, I would have given Stephen King and the ilk a run for their money. My dreams are bizarre, horrific, and a complete scare fest. From psychopaths, to zombies to you name it – they are all a part of my dreams.
9. Death and Me – I do not care about death, nor am I scared. I do not wish for it, nor do I wish to run away from it.

The Revelation

10. The good girl - And finally, one weird fact about me, which has stumped even the closest of my friends – I am a nice person, by choice. I have been anointed a saint and labeled a walkover and few other unprintable monikers. But that’s me. And all those non-believers and naysayers, either you have not met me or you don’t know me. :-) I can almost see the pop-psychologists rubbing their hands in glee.

P.S. I thought of including my surname, “the bane” as one of the weird facts, but I was worried that my parents may sue me for libel. That reminds me, one more weird thing about me... oh well, never mind, I promised to keep the list short.